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SUCCESS STORY June 27, 2013

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I would like to acknowledge the people who have made my blogging skills a success because if I may say, I have succeeded a lot and this success can’t be complete without their input and contribution.

I would like to thank teacher MARTIN for providing me with the basic skills to enhance and improve on my blogging.  I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to my fellow students for their cooperation and desire to transform many lives, also we having a common goal have gone a long way despite having much of the challenges; we still held hands and desired to move on

Would also like to thank the UNDUGU SOCIETY for providing me with the requirements needed such as cameras, video flips, laptop etc in this list, I would also like to thank the responsible donors who saw it wise to venture into such a project may the almighty GOD bless them abundantly.

 Many things and lives have been changed since I started blogging. Way back I wrote a blog of a boy who was being molested and sexually harassed by the father but now I thank GOD because the issue is now a past deal. After the father saw that I was getting on his nerves by ever telling him that what he was doing was wrong, he decided to refrain from his evil deeds and even went to an extra mile and brought the wife back home. As I am writing now it is again a happy family.

Also I wrote a blog on dumping in residential areas the case was even followed by the media and the owner of that plot of land promised that since that’s the place that he gets food for the family he will do what he can to avoid mounting of the garbage. And he introduced a very good and commendable intervention of collecting the garbage twice a week and dump them in a plot of land that was bought in Rwai purposely for dumping.

I count this on my achievements but this couldn’t be so without the above mentioned people. Above all I would like to thank the almighty GOD for putting this passion of transforming  the community inside me despite the challenges that comes with it, he gives me the strength and desire to move on towards achieving my dream of transforming many lives by being a source of inspiration to many especially the youths.

 I would urge all of us to take this initiative because I believe that together we can deliver and also meet our set objectives and goals.  Thank you all for making me a successful blogger



Domestic Violence July 10, 2012

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What went wrong with our Kenyan men? where did the fatherly love disappear to? where did the caring and loving husbands relocated to since things done by the Kenyan men are the opposite to the expected.

Our African women have turned into men’s punching bag because it’s a sign of their physical strength to the women. Women are being battered everyday and are left with ‘black eyes’. Cases of women being killed have turned to be the news everyday According to statistics most hospital beds are occupied by women  tortured by their husbands and as a result they end up with health complications such as high blood pressure, ulcers, and many more. Children are left without any option than to drop out of school and start jostling for odd jobs when their parents part ways due to domestic violence. This increases the number of street children and so do the immorality in our societies.

 I would like to urge all Kenyan men to respect the women folk. Let them respect their roles and also be advocates change to the status of women in the society. Let them play well their responsibilities and their would be peace in our homes.


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No man is an island meaning each and everyone needs another for a peaceful coexistence.Everyone has a right to a healthy relationship.

Basing my interest on the youths, relationship stage is a period that is inevitable unless on abnormal cases which are quite rare. Many youths are ending up being frustrated due to baseless relationships.First and foremost,trust and respect are the key meaning you must learn how to win respect and trust from your partner.

Before diving into a relationship, one ought to make his/her mind clear on the two common questions:-do i understand what it means to be in a relationship and do i know the responsibilities that comes with being in a relationship? and if both answers are yes then go for it but if not certain you better have a rethink before getting in a lifetime mess.

Never tie yourself in a loveless union and in unions that no positive future is seen or yearned for coz that will symbolise servitude and both parties will feel their time wasted and frustrations,desperation and regrets will be their portions and this may leave wounds in their hearts which takes decades to heal and if more pain is instilled on the wounds, the worst could happen.

My advice to all youths is that we ought to value those people very dear and close to our hearts to avoid hurting them or even us being hurt. final remark lets make wise and informed decisions.

Poverty Cycle In Kenya January 6, 2012

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Poverty has succeeded in becoming a cycle in Kenya ever since time in memorial. Poverty has become like a national anthem because everyone including children happens to know every single word of the line.

Poverty happens to be the mother of all evils in a community things like theft, death, drug abuse, domestic violence are all caused by poverty.

People tend to steal to satisfy their quick urges/need of money or rather basic needs and that means poverty because it goes without saying that money is never enough.

Poverty causes stress and different people have different ways of managing stress and sadly enough majority of the people resort to drugs to relieve them emotionally.

Poverty causes domestic violence due to blame games when basic needs of the family are not met, bread winners r to start blaming one another of failing to do their part and that blame game can lead to violence.

Poverty contributes to street life because most children end up as victims of street life because no one is able to satisfy their basic needs.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power; people need to be educated on how to eradicate poverty. I do suggest that people are not to choose careers claiming that they are not in line of their profession/specialization.

Poverty is not a permanent thing, if correct measures are put into place and that is what Kenya needs.

Abuse of Children’s Rights December 15, 2011

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Children are said to be innocent and naïve, some people tend to take advantage of this, older people use young children to carry out and accomplish their evil missions.

Currently, children are being used as drug smugglers/ peddlers, hence making the percentage of drug addicts among youths rise every now and then.

In return, they are always given enough cash as commission, and this entices them most..
Drug owners take advantage that the police on patrol might not suspect the young ones as they are never heavily loaded while doing this, hence one can never think of a school bag stashed with drugs or even a 5 year old child having drugs in his/her pocket.

Despite the harsh law in place for drug offenders, still the youths involved in peddling risk as a result of commission they receive after the sales, not considering the punishment that awaits them in the law courts.

I would like teachers to take the responsibility of monitoring the children since they happen to be with them in the better part of the day and notify the parents in case of any strange behavior.

What these children need is guidance and counseling failure to which, they may become drug addicts.

Unfair Death Cases December 9, 2011

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Death is said to be inevitable but some are forced and if necessary steps are taken, it can be evitable, for no one has authority to take away life of someone, only God has the authority.

Why should we keep on losing our youths every now and then, under suspicious circumstances? Yet people in authority are mum about these sad events?

In my zone youths especially young men are dying inhuman deaths which are forced by our police force department .They are always accused of non-existing mistakes, ranging from rape, murder just to mention but a few.

Nowadays, they are being accused of being members of an illegal group by the name Mungiki, when taken to courts of law; they are always given a long time life imprisonment as a result of being charged with extortion or even robbery with violence.

We would urge the government as youths to be careful when carrying out their duties and to be making informed decisions because failure to that we will lose all our energetic young men and that means no security to the aged, hence, no future.

Myself November 29, 2011

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My names are Anne Wanjiru Kang’ara,I am chocolate in complexion 5.2 foot tall and weigh 49 Kg.

I was born in the year 1991 in Kiambu district, Kikuyu division, Karai location but currently residing from   Kawangware, Nairobi.

I am the first born in a family of three. I live with my parents who are unemployed; instead, they rely on casual jobs to feed my siblings.

I completed my form four in the year 2009 and currently awaiting to join college next year.

I dream of becoming an independent person in future and become a role model to the youths by fighting against poverty. More so, I want to fight against drugs by enhancing a drug free society in place, since it is a rampant menace we are facing in the society.

My role model happens to be Ben Carson, reason being, no matter what challenges he came across, he had the will and the drive to move on because he believed that he had all that it cost to achieve his goals.

My hobbies are browsing and swimming I also like socializing and making new friends.